Other Artwork

“I was artist before I was a tattoo artist. I love doing non-commissioned pieces. Purely from the love of creating and being inspired. There's nothing like the gift of art for someone. I find myself drowning and zoning out in materials I'm learning how to use rather than the materials I'm experienced in. I can get lost for a long time that way. Murals are a hidden passion of mine. Cans, airbrushes, acrylic are what I like to combine my pieces with more than anything. I like making use of the materials I find around me. Creating without being prepared is something that happens often with me. When I go I just go, and I won't take much time to prep or think about it once I get that fire in my brain. There's joy in just making it work when it has to and losing all the organized thoughts along the way. I think that's the moment when it turns into therapy and you have that exact reassurance that makes that space and time become exactly where you need to be.”